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posted at Sunday, July 10, 2016
welcome to prijm help center.
in this article we will demonstrate how to embed a single reply that was posted to a discussion in your website.

assume that you have a valid prijm account,
  • login to your prijm account if you are not already logged in and if you do not have an account then sign up to create a free prijm account.
  • now go to the reply you wanted to embed, for this article i would like to choose this reply posted to a word mining discussion.
  • now click on the "reply options" as shown in the image
  • now a dropdown lists will be shown, click on the "embed this reply"
  • this will take you to the embed code generator page where you will be shown a preview and some settings where you can adjust the size(width, height) of the embed frame, and then you will want to copy the given code and paste in your website where you want to embed the reply.